Eat Around Tonbridge Picnic Bags & Foodie Gifts’ Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my bag once I have ordered it?

You can but you will need to cancel the order and re-select the items that you want to purchase before the deadline date.

Can I have a refund if the event is cancelled?

If the event is cancelled before the order deadline date then you can have a refund.  If the event is cancelled after the deadline date then we can not offer a refund as our suppliers will have produced the food and drink contents.  

Can I pick the contents of my picnic bag?

At the moment, Eat Around Tonbridge Picnic Bags and Foodie Gifts are only offering carefully handpicked picnic bags, not bespoke bags or choose-your-own picnic bags. This may be introduced in the future so keep your eyes peeled!

Do I need to bring my own plates, cups etc

The picnic bags come with plates, cups and cutlery which is all environmentally friendly.

How many people do the bags feed?

There are bags for one person and bags designed for two people.

Where can I find the allergens?

All the allergens have been provided by the suppliers and are listed on the website.