Tonbridge is going through a renaissance, ‘is having a food revolution’ according to The Kent & Sussex Courier, and has hosted a food festival! What better time to start a food blog about the local eateries, be them large or small?

I moved to the town 6 years ago and have indulged my taste buds in many of the restaurants and cafes over these years…now I have decided to tell you about my experiences: the tastiness of the food, the ambience, the oh-so-important customer service, the value for money… you get the gist.

What will I cook up, to serve to you, the Tonbridge tasters? This blogs aims to be informative, fun and a good read. Hopefully the positive reviews will leave your mouth watering whilst you reach for your babysitter’s phone number and the poor reviews will urge restaurants to turn up the heat on whatever is letting them down.

I don’t plan to tell you whether the food experience is expensive or not, as everyone has a different financial appetite; instead I’m going to tell you, high level, what we guzzled and how much, roughly, it cost and then you can make up your own mind.

I want this blog to be relevant to our lives so feel free to provide me with any feedback on the blog, tales of your own experiences or recommendations on the Contact page.

Enjoy the read!

Eat Reviewer