*** 12 Days of Feastmas *** Day 6 – Tonbridge Old Fire Station

Halfway through the competition already!

The Fire Station is becoming a bit like Finch House – seemingly everyone in Tonbridge has been there.  And deservedly so:  Richard and Sam continue to bring quality chefs to Tonbridge, art exhibitions, tasting nights and the like,  and have now installed a coffee shop with 65mm Coffee /meeting place/working hub in their lovely old building during the day. 



They have been very generous throughout the year with their time and competition prizes for Eat Around Tonbridge; they gave me my first interview, they have invited me for meals, they were enthusiastic about the Eat Around Tonbridge Jobs’ Board; they were the first people I consulted about ’12 Days of Feastmas’ and from the outset they have supported it.

So it’ll come as no great shock to you that they have offered a prize, and that is a gift box of cider and beer for Day 6 of the competition!

To win this prize which will certainly start your Christmas drinks collection off nicely, just let me know your favourite Christmas drink!  Easy – there isn’t a correct answer!

Please enter via my Facebook page, Twitter, @eat_tonbridge or in the comment box below.

Thank you Richard and Sam, and good luck EAT followers!

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