*** 12 Days of Feastmas *** Day 5 – Saltwaters Fish & Chips

Personally, I find Boxing Day a bit odd: is it just another Christmas Day without the presents?  Don’t get me wrong, I love a bank holiday but often, I’m not sure what to do on Boxing Day.  One year I did get my act together and I went with my family and parents to Camber Sands.  We made some great memories, all wrapped up, trying to dodge the sea as the tide came in – lots of fun – followed by fish and chips.  It was great! 



But we Tonbridge residents no longer need to go to the beach for good fish and chips as we have Saltwaters., the family run takeaway and restaurant which specialises in fish and chips but actually has lots more to offer. 

Saltwaters has kindly provided a two course meal for two + a bottle of wine as a prize for Day 5! 

So the question for this competition is a Christmassy one, well really a Boxing Day one – Boxing Day suggestions of things to do!  Come on, give me some ideas!

Please enter via my Facebook page, Twitter, @eat_tonbridge or in the comment box below.

Thank you Saltwaters, and good luck EAT followers!

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