What Eat Around Tonbridge did next – part deux

What Eat Around Tonbridge did next – the original – was all about The Cook Book Sevenoaks Tonbridge Tunbridge Wells which I loved helping to create (books still available from some contributors – others have sold out!). So what am I up to now?

I have started to put my little black book of local and independent food and drink businesses to good use: I have created Eat Around Tonbridge Picnic Bags and Foodie Gifts! I went to Proms in the Park a few years ago with my mum and we indulged in one of their foodie hampers to keep us going throughout the day and for the convenience – it saved us the hassle of having to make a supermarket trip to purchase lots of bland bits and pieces wrapped in lots of plastic! There was such a variety of interesting snacks that whenever we felt a bit peckish, we knew we’d find something tasty in the wicker hamper.

My mum and I at Proms in the Park

My mum and I at Proms in the Park

I wanted to create something similar for people attending outdoor events here in Kent and so I’ve been mulling over the idea for quite some time. This year I decided to get my act together and actually make it happen, spurred on by many people who have inspired, helped or supported along the way – I’m not going to name them all in this blog but a special shout out to Silke Thistlewood and numerous members of the Raise Up Business Club for help with scoping out the product, professional photos, website assistance and general cheering on!

Anyway, back to the picnic bags… the picnic bags’ contents are from local and independent food and drink businesses around Tonbridge, as I’m sure you’d expect, and will be made fresh. Not only do I want to support local businesses but I want to introduce picnickers to some new local brands and maybe even flavours – the bags are more than just a sandwich, packet of crisps and a drink!

Photo credit Severien Vits, More than Just Carrots

Photo credit Severien Vits, More than Just Carrots

There are six bags to choose from – meat, vegetarian or vegan and then for one person or for two to share. They are bags rather than hampers so that you can collect all your rubbish in them and dispose of it, rather than schlepping home with a hamper. The bags are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible – not all producers are fully on board with eco-packaging but don’t worry, I’m working on them.

The Eat Around Tonbridge Picnic Bags’ inaugural event is the Tonbridge Music Weekend which is 5 and 6 July (yes, just over a week away!). As the food is made fresh, we need orders to be in by midnight this Sunday 30 June – I know it seems so soon but it’s a great excuse to organise you and your friends ready for the concerts! And they’re easy for you to collect too, from The Bakehouse at 124 Tonbridge High Street, right next to Tonbridge Castle!

I hope you like the picnic bags and will support them – they offer you convenience whilst supporting Tonbridge at the same time!

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