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A few months late but … perfectly timed!

How are we all?  Still enjoying summer?  Well, a sign that summer is coming to an end and that TV producers expect us to start staying in and watching TV is the advent of the autumn schedules.  There is a glut of cooking programmes on at the moment.  Who watched local chef Scott Goss of The Twenty Six on Great British Menu?  There’s Celebrity Masterchef too and starting next week is the Great British Bake-Off!  Whether you’re a cake baker or not, we seem to be intrigued by confectionery creations, baking blunders and sensational show-stoppers.  

Eat that frog! A blog about Basil, Tonbridge.

No this isn’t an announcement that Basil is branching out into French food!  This command refers to a book called “Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracy which is all about tackling challenging tasks.  And this blog feels like a challenge because I really want to like Basil on Tonbridge High Street but there’s always something that niggles.  This blog has been ‘pending’ for quite some time…. 

WFH – Nichola Ferron, The Black Rose Bakery – “Everyone needs awesome cake in their lives!”

WFH is not a rude abbreviation!  For those of you wondering if I’ve gone mad, it stands for ‘working from home’ and represents a new series I’m running on local folk that are setting up their own food & drink enterprises from home.  I say ‘local’ but Nichola Ferron’s journey has taken her a long …

Nancy’s Tea Rooms, Lambert’s Yard, Tonbridge, 22 September 2016

Nancy’s Tea Room opened in August, after teasing us with its makeover for quite some time (previously there were some public loos there!).  It’s a quaint looking bright white, timber building near the river, Tonbridge Park and the High Street.  The signage is traditional and the overall effect is one of nostalgia for tea rooms …