TABLE: Meet the Ryneharts – Part 2 – Sons and savings …

Back in April Eat Around Tonbridge introduced you to the Rynehart family.  The Ryneharts are on a mission to shun supermarket food shopping and favour farm shops, feeding their family with seasonal, local produce.  They extol the benefits of this approach - tastier meat & poultry, seasonal veg, creative cooking, minimal wastage and understanding the origins of what they're consuming.  They were full of zeal when I met them in April - how are things going now?[...]


TABLE: Meet the Ryneharts Part 1

The enthusiasm from Susanna and Mark Rynehart is infectious when I speak to them about their lifestyle change – swapping supermarket shopping with indy-shopping, the high street butchers and farm shops for example.Over the next few months, I’m going to track the Ryneharts’ progress as they change their shopping and eating habits.  And don’t switch off now thinking this isn’t for you – I’m an online supermarket shopper and had my eyes opened.It all started for the Ryneharts with a wish list of an intimate wedding within the local community, servi[...]