Take it away Friday! Tez, High Street, Tonbridge, 24 February 2017

Recently some of you lovely EATers have asked me to review takeaways in Tonbridge.  Honestly, this job is such a hardship!  A few Fridays ago, Mr EAT and I decided to try Tonbridge’s very own finalist in the British Takeaway Awards, Tez.  I know that a lot of you already love Tez but it was our first time. 



And I have to say that we weren’t disappointed!  I’m a chicken shashlik gal and although it was pinker in colour* than I’m used to for which I don’t really have an explanation but it was very tender & tasty.  The mushroom (of course!) rice was packed with mushrooms and the saag aloo suitably garlicky and moreish.  The real test for me was the onion bhaji – I’m not a huge onion bhaji fan normally as I find them rather greasy and like a ball of lead in your stomach but these were light and crisp, to the point that I ate two! 


I promise it's not glowing!  Just my poor photography!

I promise it’s not glowing!  Just my poor photography!


Mr Eat’s rogan josh had a real kick to it and between us we decided that Tez’s takeaway was better than our usual choice – I’ve since learnt that Tez has a bona fide curry chef in the kitchen which allows them to create and deliver quality curry.

We would definitely take away from there again…..if we didn’t have lots of other takeaways to try for you!  So keep your suggestions coming in of places to try and we’ll do our best to try them all!

* it was pink on the outside not on the inside – definitely fully cooked.

Experience ingredients

In the group: 2

Consumption & cost: 1 x chicken shashlik, 1 x Rogan Josh, 1 x mushroom rice, 1 x saag aloo, 2 x portion of onion bhaji + delivery = £22.95



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