Pizza!! 124 The Bakehouse – Pizza night, Tonbridge, 9th February 2017

124 High Street is a beautiful old building and since it has become our very own artisan bakery, it’s been given a new lease of life.  The owner, Clare, is capitalising on her skills and building by offering bread making lessons, and also, pizza nights. 

Quite appropriately, the Bakehouse looked rather different to its daytime appearance when I visited with a friend at the beginning of February for one of the pizza nights – all dimly lit & hushed.  We climbed the well trodden old stairs to our table where there were quite a few tables of two but also tables for larger groups.

The menu is diverse with something for everyone – vegetarians, meat-lovers & vegans were certainly catered for.  We were tempted by the anti-pasto starters but we decided to dive right into the pizza. 


Stinky Pete at The Bakehouse

Stinky Pete at The Bakehouse


I learnt a few tips about food reviewing from Jay Rayner when I saw him at the EM Forster theatre in January: he advised to go for the most obscure thing on the menu unless, in his case, he saw something on the menu that involved pork.  For me, substitute pork with mushrooms and you’ll guess that I didn’t go for anything unusual or new; I was predictable, and delighted, that there was a funghi pizza on the menu.  My friend set a better example by choosing one of the menu’s new additions – the Stinky Pete which definitely packed a punch with its strong Kentish blue cheese.

My delicious funghi pizza...

My delicious funghi pizza…

The funghi was not tomato based which made a nice change for me (& is great for anyone with a tomato allergy) and I absolutely loved it.  The cream gave the mushrooms the right kind of tang and the seasoning was great.  But one of the USPs of the evening is that these are no ordinary pizzas – the base is made from sourdough rather than your traditional pizza dough and you could definitely tell the difference:  the base was crisper and lighter than normal, yet still sturdy enough to handle the topping if you decided to pick up a slice. 

The sourdough may be what makes these pizzas different but with these nights, The Bakehouse is, too, differentiating itself – it’s offering a calm, relaxed, even refined way to enjoy a bite to eat & a bottle of wine with friends.


Experience Ingredients

In the group: 2

Consumption & cost: 2 x pizzas at £10.50 each + bottle of red wine = £40





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