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Fudge, glorious, fudge! Who doesn’t love this incredibly sweet treat? And now in Tonbridge, we have our very own thanks to an entrepreneurial mum who has turned a hobby into a business with big plans ahead.

Tonbridge mum, Amy Green, tried some fudge that a friend had made and being a complete fudge fan, thought she’d have a go herself. She explains to me that it’s difficult to make in small batches so once she’d perfected her recipe and technique, gave away to friends what she and her young family couldn’t consume. She received a great deal of positive feedback and so decided to take her fudge business further, creating Tonbridge Fudge Kitchen.

Amy with a bag of her delicious homemade fudge

Amy with a bag of her delicious homemade fudge

Amy has played around with lots of combinations of flavours and now has a varied stock which she sells at Hildenborough Farmer’s Market. There you can buy vanilla fudge, chocolate orange, lemon meringue, maple and pecan and white chocolate in all their delicious squidginess and the slighter harder but incredibly moreish, tablet.

Astounded at her quick success to date, Amy is thinking about more flavours and what other sugary morsels she can add to her range. She also wants to ensure that the quality of her existing products remains consistent and definitely doesn’t want to run before she can walk.

Delicious tablet

Delicious tablet

But people are coming knocking and she is currently investigating the possibilities of a local retailer stocking her fudge, which comes in compostable plastic bags don’t you know, so Amy might be running before she knows it!

In the meantime, if you would like to indulge in some of Amy’s scrumptious fudge, then head on down to Hildenborough Farmer’s Market which is on every Tuesday 9am-11am and find the fudge!

Follow Tonbridge Fudge Kitchen on Facebook and Instagram @tonbridgefudge to be the first to hear latest developments and about new products.

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