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Kent Wine School, Tunbridge Wells, 12 March 2020

The evening before I visited Ferah for my Turkish lunch, I took a trip to Tunbridge Wells for some wine tasting. The lovely folks at Kent Wine School had invited me to a tasting and, as you might expect, I had jumped at the chance. As someone who’s partial to a glass or few of wine, I like to try to sound knowledgeable and so, pre-lockdown when the evenings were still dark, my trusty tasting companion, Cathy and I strayed from Tonbridge and popped along to the Hotel du Vin Tunbridge Wells to learn more.

The Honeymoon, Tonbridge, 2 February 2017, Chinese New Year!

We were trying to organise a night out when my friend suggested we visit The Honeymoon for their Chinese new year celebrations and more importantly….Elvis!     I have to admit that I hadn’t been a fan of Chinese food after too many nasty nights out at Chinese restaurants in my youth with orange, gloopy …