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Pizza!! 124 The Bakehouse – Pizza night, Tonbridge, 9th February 2017

124 High Street is a beautiful old building and since it has become our very own artisan bakery, it's been given a new lease of life.  The owner, Clare, is capitalising on her skills and building by offering bread making lessons, and also, pizza nights. Quite appropriately, the Bakehouse looked rather different to its daytime appearance when I visited with a friend at the beginning of February for one of the pizza nights - all dimly lit & hushed.  We climbed the well trodden old stairs to our table where there were quite a few tables of two[...]


The Old Fire Station, Tonbridge ….Dads just wanna have fun

It’s Saturday morning of the bank holiday weekend, grab yourself a cuppa & have a quick read about the Old Fire Station:  I interviewed Richard & Sam earlier in the month… “Let’s have some fun with it…” – that was the culmination of a conversation between two dads at the school gate, after one of them had just bought The Old Fire Station in Tonbridge & the other suggested hosting pop-up restaurants there.  Richard Collins, who owns the building (& the insurance business it accommodates upstairs), didn’t know what pop-[...]


Graze, Tonbridge, Feb-Mar 2016

It's Friday night, the weekend is upon us.  If you're wondering where to dine in Tonbridge this weekend, here's one suggestion...Graze.The Graze Kitchen & Bar is the old ‘The Castle’ pub – prime location on the big bridge, lovely views of the illuminated castle at night.  Graze - looks a bit shabby on the outside but lovely on the[...]