Yesterday Eat Around Tonbridge launched “Bring a friend February!” where you introduce a friend from near or far to somewhere new in Tonbridge.  And why not 65mm coffee?  Ensconced in The Old Fire Station, it receives rave reviews on social media, is always busy and many say serves ‘the best coffee in Tonbridge’. 

Tonbridge born David Leeper, the founder of 65mm alongside his partner Jade Derrick (65mm named as such because of their love of old films & picture houses), aren’t just chancing their luck.  David knows his stuff; in fact he really knows his stuff.


David at work- photo courtesy of Alma Photography @almaphotography

David at work- photo courtesy of Alma Photography @almaphotography


“Consistency, skill, knowledge & passion” are what David says make 65mm coffee different & that sums up David too.  David knows so much about coffee and his enthusiasm is infectious; he really wants to share his passion with customers.

After working in FCB (the coffee chain with a branch next to Tonbridge station) where he’d fallen in love with coffee and learnt everything there is to know about it, including meeting the coffee farmers in Rwanda, he decided he needed to flex his coffee muscles – and there was his leap of faith.  A chance conversation with Sam from TOFS and his venue was decided, he just needed equipment and coffee!

As well as the great coffee, 65mm enjoys the luxury of a lovely, wide space, great for buggies and groups of friends.  It serves delicious, salads and soups from Sulston’s Kitchen and specialises in offering allergy friendly cakes and treats from Eat ‘n’ Mess in Sevenoaks –there’s something for everyone.

David is extremely welcoming and friendly – he prides himself on remembering your hot beverage of choice and can often be seen chatting to customers or amusing babies and children in the rare lulls.

It’s only been a few months but David & Jade are relishing their position in Tonbridge and the reputation they’ve gained.  David acknowledges how they’ve been accepted into the community with open arms and 65mm will be in Tonbridge for the foreseeable future.  The future for them is looking bright…albeit black (with/without milk).

If you take a friend to 65mm coffee for the first time, please take a pic and send it to me  The best ones will be published.  








(named due to their love of film and that is the size of the film reel in old school picture houses)

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  1. High quality coffee on a par with anything you’ll find in the best coffee shops of London, prepared by someone who really understands his craft, in a fantastically characterful building. Well done – another real asset for Tonbridge – and with Fuggles Beer Cafe coming soon this really is an exciting time for the town!

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