WFH: Tammy Jackson, For Cocktail Sake: An ‘old fashioned’ girl with a modern twist

A couple of weeks’ ago I met with the lovely Tammy Jackson, the lady behind the blog, For Cocktail Sake and her gorgeous eleven month old in Teal café for a get-to-know-you meeting. Here’s a brief version of the story so far:

After a career in social media and magazine publishing, Tammy was suddenly struck down with an illness that took her away from work for a few years. Bored at home and wanting to be involved in engaging with the public once again, Tammy decided to use her knowledge and experience to create & curate something for herself.

Tammy with cocktail in hand Photo credit Claire Barker, Sunshine and Wellies

Tammy with cocktail in hand Photo credit Claire Barker, Sunshine and Wellies

Last October, Leigh based Tammy sat down with her husband and went through her passions eventually landing on cocktails (seriously, why didn’t I think of this?!). Her modus operandi (this would make a great cocktail name, no?!) is to shake up what we drink at home; she wants people to realise that cocktail making isn’t as complicated as you might think and that you can build up your own bar quite easily and affordably. Tammy recommends that each week or month in your shopping you pick up a different liqueur, spirit or mixer and before you know it you’re Tom Cruise in “Cocktail” and Friday nights will never be the same again!

Viridescent by For Cocktail Sake Photo credit For Cocktail Sake

Viridescent by For Cocktail Sake Photo credit For Cocktail Sake

I refer to Tammy as an ‘old fashioned’ girl as it is these type of cocktails that she really loves and they feature heavily on her blog and posts. The easy to follow recipes and great photography definitely persuaded me to have a go. I first heard about For Cocktail Sake when she entered my 12 Days of Feastmas competition and then I started to follow her. I cheekily asked her for a punch recipe for a family Christmas party after I’d seen lots of guests enjoying a gin punch at a 40th birthday party at Verdigris. Tammy very kindly provided me with a cranberry and gin based recipe – I was sure I was going to get it wrong as nothing I ever make comes out right first time. The recipe needed a little prep 24 hours in advance (I learnt all about cocktail ‘shrubs’) but it was very easy. And more importantly I didn’t mess it up, it was delicious! “Christmas in a glass,” was how the family described it.

So if I can do it, you can do it.

In the last few months Tammy’s following has grown very quickly. I feel as though we’re entering an age where we’re a bit more aware of what we’re drinking and how much, and Tammy acknowledges that, explaining that in her eyes, cocktails are to be savoured and enjoyed rather than gulped down quickly. But if you don’t drink alcohol then Tammy can accommodate you too – to her it’s about the flavour combinations and the look regardless of the potency.

If you’re unsure about shaking and stirring and muddling and straining, then Tammy is going to start some cocktail masterclasses, a great opportunity to learn more and have fun. There are lots of exciting collaborations in the pipeline too but currently, my lips are sealed. But not for cocktails!

Give Tammy a follow and start experimenting – if someone can create me a cocktail called Modus Operandi, I’m happy to come to try!

Facebook & Instagram – @ForCocktailSake

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