Brunch for all the family – ✅

Brunch. It’s the meal that’s been around for years but in 2019, the meal that lies somewhere between breakfast and lunch seems to be gaining in popularity. My timeline is full of posts from cafes and restaurants promoting their brunch offerings which seemingly can be enjoyed anytime – alongside the snack, this has to be one of the most versatile meals.

But I want to talk about one Tonbridge eaterie in particular and its new menu and, in fact, new look – Sulston’s Kitchen.

Sulston’s Kitchen will be three in June and I love the way it’s still evolving. The Kitchen has been tweaked a little recently and is moving away from takeaway, instead inviting us to come in, take a seat and tuck in to the new marvellous menu. The menu states, “Flavour, Seasonality and Health Benefits, These three principles are the foundation of all our food.” and aren’t they just.


Eat Around Tonbridge Sulston's Kitchen ethos.JPG


Like all good menus (if you believe Gordon Ramsey in his Kitchen Nightmares of the early 00s) it’s concise but when you look closer there’s lots on offer, a great deal of variety. There’s the eggs on toast type of brunch for sure but those dishes have lots of delicious extras – yes, there’s the omnipresent avocado but then the likes of chickpeas, chorizo, sweet potato, watercress (these aren’t all in in one dish I hasten to add) – healthy, tasty, colourful. A veritable feast for the eyes.

Eat Around Tonbridge Sulston's Kitchen menu.JPG

But if you want to try something different, there’s plenty for you to choose from. Why not savour Ben’s gluten free banana bread with fruit, almonds, yoghurt and bee pollen? Or an acai smoothie bowl with homemade granola, cacao nibs and fresh fruit? Or healthy waffles with fresh fruit, chocolate sauce and hazelnuts? You must be tempted by now!

Eat Around Tonbridge Sulston's Kitchen brunch jan 18.JPG

I went for the sweet potato, chorizo, avocado, chickpeas, spinach and pumpkin seeds with a fried egg as I’d seen David from 65mm Coffee enjoying it and quite frankly, I was eyeing it up the whole time I was chatting! It didn’t disappoint. My friend, Debbie (the lovely Wholefood Wakeup) had been going to have the same but she requested it without chorizo to which Ben replied that he thought it would lack a little flavour – such a personal service at Sulston’s Kitchen.

And, as if I’m not raving about it enough, Ben and Kirsty have devised a brilliant children’s brunch menu too! It doesn’t compromise on flavour, seasonality or health benefits but you and your child can ‘build’ a brunch so that families can eat together. Who cares if banana bread and pea and avocado mash don’t normally go together? They’re available on the menu at £1 each and if it keeps the kiddos quiet whilst you tuck in, who are we to judge?

Ben’s supper clubs frequently sell out in next to no time and the Sulstons are capitalising on this with their new eat-in approach. The food is great and on top of that you receive superb customer service. Ben knows what he’s talking about when it comes to nutrition and knows his ingredients inside out too.

Eat Around Tonbridge Sulston's Kitchen kids menu.JPG

So why don’t you pop in tomorrow? Brunch is available all day and the lunch menu starts from noon. You’ll be greeted with a smile from Ben and you’ll definitely leave happy.

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