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Why awards are so important!

I was a finalist in So magazine’s Lifestyle awards and it meant such a lot – it gave me a boost, made me feel valued by you all and also gave the blog and Tonbridge some extra exposure (thanks once again to everyone that nominated and voted for me).  Awards are really important to all businesses – they are a pat on the back, a marketing opportunity and a chance for businesses, large and small, to really think about where they excel.

Bring a Friend February is back for 2018!

You might remember that I ran this last year and I’m running it again because the ethos behind it is still so important.    

The idea is very simple.  If you’re meeting friends or family during the month of February (or anytime really), why not try somewhere that you haven’t been before and send me a photo?  There are still lots of places for me to try on the High Street so I’m sure there are for you too.  And it doesn’t have to be in Tonbridge; it could be in the vicinity as well.

“Bring a friend February”!

It’s the first of February and it was wet – a great day for a coffee and cake somewhere.  We know Tonbridge’s gastro scene has boomed in the last few years but how often do you try somewhere new?  How often do you invite your Sevenoaks/Tunbridge Wells/Maidstone/London friends here for a meal rather than going …