Bring a Friend February is back for 2018!

You might remember that I ran this last year and I’m running it again because the ethos behind it is still so important.    

The idea is very simple.  If you’re meeting friends or family during the month of February (or anytime really), why not try somewhere that you haven’t been before and send me a photo?  There are still lots of places for me to try on the High Street so I’m sure there are for you too.  And it doesn’t have to be in Tonbridge; it could be in the vicinity as well.  Just support local! 

By doing this, the ‘new’ establishment for your friend or family will, hopefully, make a lasting, positive impression and they will return, generating more revenue for the business and Tonbridge as a whole – which benefits us all!  


Alice from Kingdom Yoga helped me to start Bring a Friend February 2017

Alice from Kingdom Yoga helped me to start Bring a Friend February 2017


Fancy a coffee?  Have you tried Nancy’s Tea Rooms tucked away just off the High Street behind Cex and Ward and Partners?  

Fancy an Indian and love Gurkha Planet?  Why not try Kathmandu Valley or Alishan?  

Fancy brunch?  Have you been to Beyond the Grounds who serve cracking eggs?


Beyond the Grounds -  good for brunch! 

Beyond the Grounds –  good for brunch! 


Pub?  The Bottle House in Penshurst is my new favourite find but we’re so lucky as there are lots to select locally .

Sadly life got in the way today for me to kick-off Bring a Friend February on the first day of the month, but with Mum in town, I’m sure we’ll lunch out tomorrow.  I’ll post our pics tomorrow.

So get involved!  Try somewhere new and send me a photo –, via Messenger on Facebook or Twitter @eat_tonbridge.  I can’t wait to see where you try! 


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