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Verdigris, High Street, Tonbridge, 9 Feb 2019

I was delighted when Mr Eat and I stepped out of our front door on 9th Feb, a date night, to walk to the High Street, safe in the knowledge that we had several places to choose from for a pre-dinner drink. How cool is that: “several places to choose from”? The Old Fire Station was open, we had The Beer Seller, Fuggles, we could’ve popped into El Mariachi for a quick cocktail …

Not your average school dinner! The Artisan, Tonbridge, 8 March 2018

Yesterday was International School Meals Day – who knew?!  That’s what you get when you buy a social media planner for your business.  But it is so apt for today’s blog which is all about The Artisan at West Kent College in Tonbridge.  My friends and I were excited to try this place, squirreled away at the top of the main college building and we were not disappointed.  

Very special – The Twenty Six, Southborough, 14 May 2016

The Twenty Six in Southborough I know that this isn’t about somewhere on Tonbridge High Street, not even in Tonbridge!  But I wanted to review The Twenty Six as it’s just so good and well worth a visit.  And it is just up the road, really… There is something very special about The Twenty Six.  …