The year of the …

It feels like it’s the year of the vegan, doesn’t it?  Veganism is everywhere!  Or maybe it’s the decade of super food avocado?!  Are we all becoming wiser about our food choices and their wider impact on us and the environment?  After attending one of Debbie Stranack’s talks, I now ‘get it’ and I’m all for it … but don’t worry I still eat the likes of meat and eggs and indulge in the not so healthy stuff too.  

Debbie Stranack's Wholefood Wake-up crackers and sweet potato hummus - delicious!

Debbie Stranack’s Wholefood Wake-up crackers and sweet potato hummus – delicious!

Well I did until recently when I visited a nutritionist.  As a result of her findings (which I won’t bore you with) I have had to eliminate some foods from my diet which has been achieved with varying levels of success; but it has meant that I have entered into the world of ‘free from’.  I am now asking for ‘milk alternatives’ in cafes (oat milk is my favourite so far) and when I eat out I’m choosing the healthier, greener options.

Coincidentally, I’ve been asked to write a guest blog for ‘A Free From Life‘  on Tonbridge’s ‘free-from’ eating scene.  

However, as I’m new to all this, I would love to hear your opinions on what’s it’s like eating around Tonbridge with a specialist dietary requirement.  As a coeliac, is gluten free food readily available? As someone with a nut allergy do you find yourself double or triple checking?  As a vegan, are you loving that restaurants are jumping on board or is it a tick the box exercise?  

And so, I invite you to take my survey and comment away with your thoughts on how Tonbridge fares.  I won’t be able to see any personal information so post your opinions free from prejudice!  

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend! 

Ps don’t worry, the nutritionist knows what I do and simply rolls her eyes when I say that I have to eat the things I shouldn’t for my blog! 


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