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Still a blog about food!

Kick Start has been set up by two personal trainers, Kieran Bhugobaun of Double A Fitness and Alex Rich of True Fit who’ve teamed up to create a 5 day plan which involves a personal training session every day for five days in the Carlson Gracie gym on Vale Road, Tonbridge plus breakfast and lunch from Sulston’s Kitchen.  As the name suggests, the idea is to ‘kick start’ participants into exercise whilst providing healthy, nutritious, tasty food to keep you on the path to a fitter you. 

Sulston’s Kitchen, Tonbridge – From Thailand to Tonbridge

Following my interview with The Old Fire Station’s Richard & Sam, I’d like to introduce you to another foodie pioneer, Ben Sulston.  Tomorrow he launches Sulston’s Kitchen – look out Tonbridge, there’s a new takeaway in town. Ben’s new takeaway on Quarry Hill Parade Ben has two passions in his life: Brazilian ju-jitsu & food.  He is …