*** COMPETITION TIME *** Health & Wellbeing Live tickets!

September = January.  I know that ‘equation’ really doesn’t add up but it does in my mind. January is a time of resolutions and often those resolutions are around lifestyle, eating habits and exercise.  For me, September is my second bite of the cherry after a summer of poor eating and not much working-out; I know summer should be the time of year for salads and nutritious fish dishes but in reality it’s half-eaten sandwiches and a few crisps at the bottom of the packet on day trips with my children followed by a glass of wine at the end of the day to congratulate myself for surviving! 

I was, therefore, very excited to read about the Health and Wellbeing Live event which is happening at Mabledon, The Secret Manor, near Tonbridge on 22nd and 23rd September.  

The event aims to help us discover more about our physical and mental health and wellbeing, to help us make positive changes.  There is lots going on over the two days including a presentation from Dame Kelly Holmes on her experiences with mental health, a free health MOT from Nuffield Health, and free therapeutic treatments such as reflexology but as well as all that, there are some health food experts too!  

Our very own Ben Sulston from Sulston’s Kitchen will be there making smoothies and brunch, Hadlow based Debbie Stranack (below left) from Wholefoodwakeup will be making raw vegan desserts (I’ve tried – they’re phenomenal – blog coming soon!) and Alison Nixon will be cooking with raw chocolate, but there are also cooking demonstrations on Mediterranean food, south east Asian food and from Framptons (Tunbridge Wells cafe).


Health and Wellbeing Live is offering two tickets for either Friday 22nd or Saturday 23rd to you lovely EAT followers.  To enter the competition, just tell me the name of Dame Kelly Holmes’ cafe.  You can comment here, on Facebook or Twitter (@eat_tonbridge).

Deadline: Thursday 24th August

So if you want the sum of all your parts to be less than it is now or if you need help deciphering those thoughts in your head, enter!  Good Luck! 

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