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In June, a friend of mine tagged me in a competition post for a fitness programme called ‘Kick Start‘, which I then won! 

Kick Start has been set up by two personal trainers, Kieran Bhugobaun of Double A Fitness and Alex Rich of True Fit who’ve teamed up to create a 5 day plan which involves a personal training session every day for five days in the Carlson Gracie gym on Vale Road, Tonbridge plus breakfast and lunch from Sulston’s Kitchen.  As the name suggests, the idea is to ‘kick start’ participants into exercise whilst providing healthy, nutritious, tasty food to keep you on the path to a fitter you. 




The personal training was hard work and relentless being day in day out but I was buzzing every day of that week and feeling positive.  Kieran and Alex were tough task masters but encouraging at the same time, sympathetic to my injuries but not so sympathetic to my complaints!  Just as they should be really.

After my first session of training I was given three days of breakfast and lunch (on the Wednesday I received the rest of the week’s food) which being a food lover, I was very excited about!  Who doesn’t appreciate food being prepared for you and ready to eat? And Sulston’s Kitchen food – bonus!  I love the food at Sulston’s Kitchen but I haven’t tried everything off the menu and this gave me the opportunity to sample some different things.  

So, as part of the Kick Start plan, for breakfast I sampled the likes of rhubarb yoghurt granola, chocolate protein oats (who knew these existed?!  delicious!) and smoked salmon and eggs. (There are no photos as I wolfed them down and only thought about photos later!) Lunch was in the fridge waiting for me after my training session and I don’t think I resisted until a respectable lunch time on any day of the plan!  The za’atar spiced chicken, Cajun chicken with sweet potatoes and slaw, Harissa roast chicken, sumac roast salmon and my absolute favourite miso roast salmon – I think I could eat it every day – were more like elevenses for me!  

My favourite - miso roast salmon!

My favourite – miso roast salmon!

By the end of the week I was feeling pretty good about myself:  I couldn’t manage five days of training with my workload as well so I had skipped one day but I still felt rather smug. 

The next Kick Start week begins on 18th September.  I understand that there’ll be another competition so that one lucky person can have all this for free so make sure you look out for that by liking their Facebook page.  If you’re not the winner, it costs £99 which is great value – the food alone, if bought separately over a week, would cost about £50!

Even if you don’t have a go at the Kick Start programme, there are lots of personal trainers in Tonbridge and boot camps to help you become or stay fit; regardless, a trip to Sulston’s Kitchen is a must – there are healthy sweet treats too!  

I returned to the gym yesterday for a PT session with Kieron so the plan worked for me!  Hurting today…

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