Tonbridge! Let’s slice open The Great British Bake-Off!

Ciao Eat Around Tonbridge followers!  It’s pasta week on The Great British Bake-Off but it’s question time for you!  As I revealed last week, fans of The Great British Bake-off I am inviting you to send your questions about the programme in to me ….

What’s it really like in the tent?  How much help do they receive?  Who tidies up??? We’ve already received the first question regarding how many people enter and how contestants are chosen…so thinking caps on!  

I can not answer them alone, of course not, in fact I can not answer them at all but I know a woman who can: meet Michelle Kirschner-Grant (yep, look out for her name in the credits), a good friend of mine, food lover and most importantly for this post, a producer on GBBO!  


Michelle, producer on The Great British Bake-Off 

Michelle, producer on The Great British Bake-Off 

How it’ll work:

 – We’re opening the questioning tonight and we’ll continue to accept questions, day or night, posed to us as a comment on here, as a comment on the Eat Around Tonbridge Facebook page or via Twitter @eat_tonbridge until a few days after the final …

 – I’ll collate the questions and send them to Michelle, no doubt we’ll discuss them too… perhaps over cake!  

 – I’ll publish them as a blog early November for your delectation! 

Please share & like this post and then send over your questions on contestants, judges and presenters, pastries, pies and puddings and everything in between and Michelle will do her best to answer them! 

Also feel free to predict the winner!

Eat Reviewer x

p.s. why did no one come up with Obi Wan Cannoli?



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